What we do

Our mission is delivered through four areas of strategic focus.

Conservation of ecosystems and carbon storage

Our carbon project is registered through Verra’s market-leading verified Carbon Standard and will deliver greenhouse gas emission reductions and removals equivalent to almost ten million metric tons of CO2 over the next twenty years.

We are dedicated to the long-term protection of the forest so it can act as a store of carbon in perpetuity. We are transforming the management of forest once destined to be logged and prioritize carbon storage, biodiversity, and socio-economic benefits to improve the lives of local communities.

Sustainable use of natural resources

GGF partners with local communities so that they benefit from conservation and the sustainable use of non-timber resources. We are developing new markets for sustainably-harvested processed fruits, protecting native trees and providing a firm base of economic stability in remote forest areas. Our former sawmill site in Iquitos is being repurposed as a research and education center to showcase Amazonian ecology and investigate new sustainable uses for forest resources.

Improving lives of local communities

We put the economic and cultural well-being of indigenous communities and the sustainable use of resources at the heart of what we do. By prioritizing a local approach, we improve livelihoods, build climate resilience, and protect ecosystems and biodiversity. We work with fourteen communities and ensure they actively involved in the planning, execution, and operation of our work.

Research and innovation

GGF sponsors and hosts research programs with some of the world’s leading universities. We are developing a research and education center, together with a tree nursery and small botanic garden at our former sawmill site in Iquitos. The center will assess the impact of our project, research new opportunities from forest resources, and support tree planting and land restoration.